Best in Harford County, MD

Sandwiches & Burgers

Located in the heart of Bel Air, serving all who wander through our doors.  Using the best locally sourced ingredients, and a little creativity, we’re trying to fill you up with some tasty grub, keep you happy, and be a fun part of the community. 

The Sandwich Company

Our Delicious Story

In the mid 1950’s, in San Bernardino, California, my grandma Nancy would make sandwiches and coffee for any and all of the town’s many transient residents. These “vagabonds”, or “hobos”, would travel by rail and follow chalk written symbols left by previous travelers, leading them to people who would shelter or feed them, and away from possible dangers. Soon, Nancy’s house became a regular stop for many that just hopped out of a box car. 

Her thinking was simple… people are people, stay humble, be kind to others and give ’em good grub!

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